Biscuits and gravy? Yes please!!

I absolutely love biscuits and gravy but the original version is definitely not a healthy one. Thankfully there are brilliant people in the world and one of them came up with a healthy alternative. Below are direct links to the website where I found these recipes. I have made this recipe twice in the last two weeks. The first time I followed the recipe exactly. Yesterday I omitted the shrimp and I didn’t taste any difference. So if you are allergic to shell fish that is an option. There is a little touch of sweetness due to the sweet potatoes and coconut milk but it still manages to pull off the savory side. And this combo is super tasty. This recipe was given the Paleo Pin-up, semi paleo gidget and Non-caveman approval, which is surprising because the Non-caveman hates sweet potatoes.
The Gravy
Note: Don’t forget to use a nitrite/preservative free sausage.
The Biscuits
If you are short for time, and don’t have time to bake sweet potatoes there is a faster option. Some stores have these pre-wrapped sweet potatoes that can be microwaved in 6-7 minutes. Or you can make your batch the night before and refrigerate.