Paleo Prego

Good day! Long time no see. It has been pretty hectic since my last post. I have been traveling  a lot and fighting with the USPTO over my Paleo Pin-Up trademark. But after months of back and forth they finally saw it my way. Yay, trademark granted!!!! I also recently graduated with my bachelors degree, got into grad school and found out I was expecting.

I am 13 weeks pregnant and I will be honest, I have been eating anything and everything, but as my 2nd trimester approaches I have promised my baby and myself that I will go back to eating a grain free diet. I must say, I have been lazy and suffering through gnarly headaches and although I am pregnant I am positive a lot of the way I feel is due to my bad food choices.

So I have been playing around with some new recipes, trying new products and will have reviews and recipes up soon. Take care.