You are what you put on your skin?

Everybody knows that your skin is your biggest organ. It is exposed to the elements more than any other organ. When most people think of living a healthy lifestyle they sometimes don’t even consider what it is they are putting on their skin. It makes perfect sense though. Your skin absorbs what goes on it and “it” can enter your blood stream. So it is only obvious that if you are watching what you put into your body, you should also be watching what you put ON your body.

It is still unsure if the link between breast cancer and the aluminum in antiperspirants is legit, but that is a chance people shouldn’t risk to not smell funky.. I don’t know about you but when I sweat, I sweat. And it doesn’t smell great either. So I had wanted to try a deodorant that wouldn’t kill me one day. So I ordered the lavender version of this all natural deodorant, here is a link if you want to check it out I actually found that it worked well as long as I wasn’t active. My funk can get through any barrier, no joke, so I am not surprised that by the end of the day my armpits were on slap, lol. Even the strongest of deodorants have failed to hold it back. The downside of this product was that it darkened and toughened the skin under my armpits. Not sure what that was all about but it freaked me out and I had to stop using it. It took a few weeks for the discoloration and toughness to fade. I have read plenty of good reviews on it so I would still recommend it as an alternative to traditional deodorant especially if you don’t sweat a lot. Just test a small patch of skin first to make sure you don’t have the same reaction I did for a couple of weeks.

Some other things to consider…..
1. Use jojoba oil or 100% coco butter as a moisturizer instead of regular lotions.
2. Use an oil facial cleanser instead of soap (I have been using an oil cleanser and I love it)
Here is a recipe to make you own
3. Try paraben and sulfate free shampoo and conditioner
4. Olive oil does wonders for dry skin and hair šŸ™‚
5. Use all natural soap

These simple changes aren’t that hard to do, so give it a try. Ciao.

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