Arms are like jello, lol.

I started back up at my local crossfit today. The owner/trainer was shocked to see me but that didn’t stop him from kicking our butts, lol. My laziness has caused the strength I gained from before to completely disappear, and now after one hour of working out my abs and arms I can barely lift my fingers to write this. Hey, no pain no gain, right? I must say I did miss it and I am excited to be back in an environment that is super motivating. So my goal is to lose 35 lbs this year, yup 35.. See, the weird thing about my body is even though I weigh 170 I look like I weigh about 150, I am assuming it is because I have more muscle mass then most women and that is why I look thinner than most women my same weight. But none the less I still want to get the body I once had back when I was at 135 and the only way to do that is through watching what I eat and intense workouts. I will be posting my progress as I go along on this journey.

For me, having a family and going to school full time makes it hard to eat healthy all the time, and finding the energy to get up and workout is even tougher. Everybody is different. Some people like to work out in the mornings (like me) or at the end of the day. For me I find it easier to just get it out of way early, before I start my day, because by the end of the day I have zero desire to workout. I also find it helpful to plan my meals on the weekends so they are ready to go and I know exactly what I am going to eat that week. There are a lot of resources online that can help you plan weekly paleo meals. Here is a link to one I found helpful.

I took the advice of grilling meats on the weekend and what a great idea. The grill adds a flavor that you can not get from a stove and throwing some grilled chicken into a spinach salad is delish 🙂 So give it a shot and let me know what think.

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